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July 7, 2010

True Meaning Of The Swirl Symbol

The design of the swirl pattern is based on the symbolism of the spiral pattern. This swirl pattern has long been used as the representation of constants movement and change. On a personal level, it can represent the internal growth of a person throughout life, and gain new perspectives. A person is constantly changing; spiraling down life’s many roads. A swirl of activity here sends them left instead of right. It has also been used to describe the movement of the universe, and archaeologists think this was its original meaning. Ancients Celts used it to map the progress of the stars during an eclipse. We find it remains constant in our modern lives as well, perhaps a hold over of ancient memories used to remind us of our need to adapt constantly and not remain stagnant. Look into your coffee cup where the clerk has just placed a swirl of cream, it circles in upon itself right in front of our eyes. It is usually the first image a creative young child draws, the act of creating this symbol is relaxing and enthralling to anyone, not just the child. Try it yourself, and see how it mesmerizes you. We love to display it on our body as body art, and on our clothing. It is one of the truly unique symbols that represent both man and woman. When displayed as a piece of jewelry, it is beautiful, like this Silver Swirl Pendant, which can be found in our pendants and chains collection. For the man, there are beautiful sterling silver cufflinks that can accompany it. Show the world you believe you are evolving constantly, display this beautiful jewelry and declare your belief that change is needed to grow into who you are.

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